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of the old span, ripping away a thousand foot section to make way for a path to be used by cyclists and pedestrians. >> they had to demolish this section to the public can start using the bike path on tuesday morning at noon. >> reporter: looking east through the tunnel is this view. up close you can see crews blasting above. >> any time you do clean that tunnel, there are a lot of very strict procedures you have to follow to make sure it's done in an environmentally responsibly way. >> reporter: what i really wanted to do was give you a different perspective. we decided to put the camera on the hood and off we went. >> probably one of the most impressive roadway structures i've seen. >> reporter: officer daniel hill says the new span has that wide open feel and they'll be looking for speeders. >> we expect drivers to get the feel need to speed. you might let the accelerator go and you might get yourself into a dangerous situation. >> reporter: back live at the toll plaza watching these crews make some marks on the approach to the toll plaza. the striping well under way in the westb
the fire was sparked by a smoke grenade used during an outdoor military training exercise. fire officials tell us flames consume about 170 acres before the fire was contained about two hours ago. now right now crews remain on the scene looking for hot spots. we have live team coverage tonight of the fire danger in the bay area. ktvu's john sasaki is in the north bay with a look at how firefighters are preparing. >>> first our chief meteorologist bill martin joins us in the weather center with a look at the conditions. >> they were pretty hot, certainly 90 degrees at the fire zone and the winds were west-northwest at 5 miles per hour. this was not a lightning sparked fire. but of course that's what the concerns are. check out the lightning showing up just east of the area right now. you can see it's going off in the hills around yosemite and deer valley. now working its way up into donner summit. looks like they'll stay north tonight but there's a shot tomorrow night. everyone tonight one could drift over the valley. right here in effect in the northern counties of northern california. sh
commuters as they took public transportation. edwin showed us his two tickets he bought. >> this is for tomorrow. i'm doing this ahead of time to avoid the rush. >> reporter: golden gate ferry does expect more riders tonight, so it added a late- night trip and added trips to its weekend and holiday schedule. >> i was on bart earlier and it wasn't busy at all. >> reporter: but susan langford told us she made sure to avoid areas where there might be problems in i was in san francisco tonight, and i had to travel out over the golden gate bridge instead of the bay bridge. >> reporter: she also avoided this commute on the first morning. bart reports that ridership soared this morning. >>> to keep things running smoothly, ac transit offered bart commuters service to and from the stations. >> in the morning, it was really packed. a lot of people. >> reporter: but there were those who couldn't avoid the freeways. we saw stalled drivers trying to get to the east bay, heading north in heavy traffic, around 2:30 this afternoon, which is why drivers like susan langford have a plan f
. >>> a drunk driving arrest led police to a woman's body in west paolo al to. there to tell us how officers were led to the victim's apartment and the circumstances surrounding her death. >> this is the apartment building where police found the victim's body. we talked with her devastated family this afternoon. the crime scene is in east palo alto. >> all i know is what i seen today when my sister came out of her own apartment. to see like that, i really just keep asking why. >> family members say the victim was 47-year-old. >> she was a very nice person, community wise. >> anderson's sister seemed to be taking the news the hardest. >> i just wish god would have took me instead of taking my little sister. she was the baby of the family and always happy. >> police say they learned of the killing in an unusual way. it came after a drunk driving arrest last night of a man in redwood city. >> shortly after that he revealed that he had killed an individual and officers responded to this location. >> they say little else about the suspect other than he is now facing a murder charge. >> i met him
, i am tired of being tired. but i can't stop. >> reporter: she used the death of her son tabond with other mothers in -- to bond with other mothers in similar conditions. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we know the woman killed by construction front loader was a former student headed back to school there. ktvu's robert handa is live in san jose with what she was doing when she got hit and the toll it took on the construction worker behind the wheel. >> reporter: the investigation is still going on to figure out what happened here at this construction site yesterday when the woman was hit by heavy machinery and died. we learned who the victim was, and the efforts to help her family. >> reporter: classes resume at san jose city college in two weeks. she had plans to be -- plans to be part of the school year. it appears she was a former student in 2009 and on campus yesterday to resume cams. but she -- campus. but she died as she walked pass a construction site. >> i ran into students that know her, said she was dedicated to studies. the feeling on campus
. >> all we can do is hope for the best. >> it's a chance for us to learn and improve. >> the associate superintendent, says that they've done a lot in the last year. among the changes, they hired a security firm. >> have them roving, and you have two cars that move around, they can see things in and around your sight. >> it's completed a security overhaul, from changing locks to evacuation plans. there's new locks and gets a, and color coded -- gates, and color code badges for visitors and volunteers. we called, and they're asking everyone to be more individual atlanta, and this mom -- individual lent, and -- this mom says -- >> i asked about that private security firm, and they're spending $165,000 a year on that. berkley said they finished a school by school audit, and they plan to present the changes to its board next month. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it is official, the planned opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge, will take place on labor day weekend. the traffic signs around the bay area, are warning drivers that the entire bridge will shut down, beginning wednesday, aug
to pay for today, and possibly more days, he have been though the buses haven't been used. they cost $1,200 per day. you can go to ktvu.com, to get the reaction of the governor's decision, and the details of the role of the inquiry, and any decisions of the hundreds of thousands of people who use bart every day. >>> they warn of their possible strike. this afternoon, they delivered their notice of intent to strike, the workers could walk off the job at midnight on we know. it's been inconsistent in the bargaining, and there was substantial movement over the weekend, and they're offering a 9% salary bump. >> we are close, particularly with regard to wages, we're more than 1% apart, the sticking point is on health, and welfare payments to their premiums. >> we want them to know that we're serious about getting a fair contract for the members. >> they're threatening to walk out, and it's bus drivers, and mechanics. >>> now with the growing concern over hate crimes, the emotional story, and numbers that we've uncovered. dave talked to the city. >> the suspect in this case, the victim in thi
and then the power was cut off. that made the decision for us. but it seems like they are doing as much as they can. >> reporter: cal fire says it is again more than 1300 firefighters on hand with resources from all over the country, with all of that you can see the fire is relentless and firefighters are losing ground. we will have updates on www.ktvu.com and at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have new pictures of the rim fire. this was taken today by nasa. in the middle you can see the smoke. here is another image. this is from the national weather service. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather conditions tonight on this fire. coming up in 12 minutes what he is seeing that could impact the fire fight. >>> a case in concord prompted a police department internal investigation. it involve as san francisco police officer who has been arrested on a serious charge. ktvu's david stevenson is in concord with what he pieced together. >> reporter: this is an unusual case. one in which investigators on both sides are remaining tight lipped. a san franc
us they were still bargaining. negotiations started around 9:00 a.m. this morning here in oakland. leaders told us things were going well till the chief negotiator came back to town. bart acknowledged they needed to make changes but says workers need to contribute to the cost of their healthcare. meanwhile thousands of commuters are awaiting the outcome. >> i am very stressed out. makes me angry too. >> not nice. not very nice because lot of people need to survive. to do like that is killing everybody. >> the possibility of another bart strike is increasing anxiety for lot of commuters. she takes public transportation to get from her home to attend chases at san francisco city college -- attend classes at san francisco city college. >> i am going to have to take the amtrak and to the ferry building from amtrak. they don't go straight to san francisco. you have to take the bus to the ferry building in san francisco and then i will have to take a bus to muni and take another bus. >> reporter: negotiations did wrap up around this time yesterday in oakland. we are here right now wait
believes there was a second car involved. >> a car swerved into us. >> he's not sure whether the other car hit them, but the girls in it, didn't stick around. >> you have the strangers running out of their house, and then they take off? no, that's not right. >> still, other factors took into consideration the police say they were speeding, and he did admits there was alcohol involved. >> we drank more than the people who were driving. >> and where it his hospital bed, he has a message he hopes that others take to heart. >> don't drink and drive, because you never know what could happen. >> the police say, they are not aware of a second car, involved in the crash, but the investigation is ongoing. they're planning a fundraiser for the victim this weekend. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the man was charged today with killing his wife. the police arrested this man, wednesday, after his wife was found shot to death in their pittsburgh home. the district attorneys office they that he was charged with murpd and in -- murder, and in possession of a firearm. he has multiple prior convictions. >>> ins pa
to people today but we begin with ktvu's david stevenson that shows us how officers plan to stop traffic. david? >> reporter: julie, this is a typical rush hour traffic tie up here. but it could be getting worse. we learned that as we road along with the california highway patrol on how they will begin shutting down the bridge in an hour. >> reporter: he has been through three previous closures of the bay bridge but tonight has him excited. he took us on a driving tour of the new eastern span. for now he is getting ready to shut down the old span. working from san francisco to empty the bridge ahead of the 8:00 p.m. closure. the plan is to run traffic breaks. weaving cruisers out of traffic leading to the bridge. >> bring traffic to a slow. shut down the onramps and divert everybody off at the 7th street. >> reporter: the chp is trying to keep drivers on or near other freeways. >> it will be heavier than usual. but it won't be grid lock that everybody is anticipating. >> the chp is advising drivers they will start closures at 7:15 p.m. they are warning drivers not to delay if they are t
to stealing $2 million from her clients, many who are elderly. she was a former branch manager at a u.s. bank and president of montclair village association. she was charged with bilking 2 dozen people out of $2 million. a judge can -- a judge is expected to sentence her 12 years and pay restitution to the victims. >>> investigators are on the scene of a police shooting that killed a man. when it was over police found a second body. ktvu's robert handa has been on the scene all day now. he is live with why officers responded in the first place. robert? >> reporter: the coroner's office is now on the scene and as you see public safety is also still here trying to come up with answers that led to the murder and an officer involved shooting. public safety extended a huge fire latter over the house taking pictures of the crime scene where police slot and killed a man during a confrontation. [ shots fired ] >> reporter: he called the eruption jarring. >> i heard pop, pop, pop, pop. loud and i know something was wrong. >> reporter: did you figure they were gun shots? >> absolutely. >> reporter: rum
and northern california. coming up, ktvu's robert handa joins us live with the techniques firefighters are using to spot wildfires. >>> continuing coverage on the findings from investigators on the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge that left five women dead. a investigation by the california highway patrol and others found the fire was accidental. it was determined the fire started because of a mechanical failure and no criminal charges will be filed. the driver of the limo spoke today. and ktvu's eric rasmussen will have more in a moment but we begin with ktvu's tom vacar with details on what went wrong. >> the fire was accidental. >> reporter: what caused the tragedy? >> the failure of the rear suspension system that allowed the drive shaft to come into contact with the floor pan. the heat and sparks generated from the friction bween the drive shaft and the floor pan beneath the rear seat ignited the materials covering the floor board. the smoke and fire blocked access to the rear doors, leaving the passengers with one exit through the small opening into the driver's compartme
megawatts, energy used to power buses, city hall, street lamps and the airport. the city is paying pg&e $25,000 a day to help make up the difference. >> currently, we're visually inspecting the lines. and hopefully, we can bring them back up to service soon. >> reporter: hetch hetchy water is not being used to fight the fire. and officials say the drinking water supply is not in danger, though they continue to monitor the fire's path tonight. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now. the two hydroelectricken electric plants have been shut down as a precaution. they are between the hetch hetchy and the sight of the rim fire. normally, these two powerhouses run huge turbines that convert the water into electric power. >>> ground and air attacks are being launched to contain the rim fire. it has shut down highway 120, the main gateway into yosemite national park and it continues to spread through the stanislaus national forest, burning not far from the town of groveland and yosemite national forest. ken wayne joins us now live. he has been goi
. >> they are concerned of what happened and their people getting to and from work. they asked us for 2, 3 buses per route. >> reporter: in anticipation the city of san francisco is encouraging flexible schedule for employees. -- scheduling for employees. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> with another bart strike looking more likely people who rely on bart are wondering how they will get around. >> i leave on tuesday and yes, if bart is not running it will be very hard. >> the working people depend on bart. >> bart says if there is a strike they will offer limited charter bus service from selected station as it did during the strike last month. a.c. transit and the bay ferry will provide extra service. another live look at frank ogawa plaza in downtown oakland at 4 4th and broadway nexts to city hall. again, all of the protesters are set to begin marching at any moment to bart headquarters. so that could cause traffic issues in downtown oakland. we will continue to follow the story and follow the protesters as they march. and our coverage on the strike continues on www.ktvu.com. there you can sign
information to text in a tip or call the police department. >> reporter: you were going to take us a picture. this is a very recent picture. >> this picture was taken last year almost to the day. she is 50 years old and about 150 pounds. she's an articulate, gregarious warm loving person and her family really needs her. >> reporter: you were so worried that you said she's lived in oakland since 1991. >> yeah, she's now a 20 plus year resident of oakland. she came here after she graduated from columbia university to start her legal career. and she loves this community, she has many people here who love her and are concerned about her and we are just begging anybody who has any information to please call the police. >> reporter: thank you tanya. sorry about the disappearance. sandra coke's family is begging anyone with information to contact the oakland city police. her last family member to see her is her daughter who's been waiting for her to come home since saturday night. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> all right, thank you amber. >>> now to a story we've been following throughout the
: the bridge opening ceremony dignitaries using a torch to break through a train. then noon tuesday, the bike pathway will open to the oakland side, but only to the tower. >> i believe they might be metering it as well. because you're only going to be able to go so far. we don't want this massive crush of people getting jammed up by the power, not able to get out, not able to turn around. >> reporter: meanwhile, the stress testing of bolts has continued for almost a month. >> the rods we've had out there have been performing very well. >> reporter: over the weekend, one broke, but far better than the 70%. >> 85% of the ultimate capacity, which is more than they ever see in service. one of those rods did fracture. >> reporter: the indication so far. >> one, it continues to tell us the rods are performing very well. that's above the left we see in the field. and two, the test doing what it's supposed to do. >> i feel like it's definitely a safer bridge. >> that actually puts me a lot more at ease. i just would like to be 100% sure. >> and the minute that new bridge opens, the old one begins a t
of fuel in the path of the rim fire. this afternoon, they used the fighting fire with fire strategy along evergreen road to help protect san francisco's main water supply, hetch hetchy reservoir, inside yosemite national park. >> the reservoir is key, you know, to the city of san francisco and the water quality that we send there. >> reporter: along with the back fires, bulldozers were brought in to carve out more protective space. officials say the fire has burned up more than 11,000 acres of the park, but is still at least several miles from the reservoir. >> you want to protect the structures as much as possible. some of them are historic structures. all of them are important to the operation of the dam. we want to protect those structures. >> reporter: but hour by hour, the flames and smoke just kept building up, and as you can see the plume from the rim fire became a huge looming presence and had firefighters concerned over whether the relentless fire can be stopped at the hetch hetchy reservoir. >> i have placed a lookout over a safety zone who has eyes on us and the column to give
from news chopper 2 flame were roaring through some of those structures there. gail spears told us about 50 residents have ben sack waited. >>> fairfield high school which is about a mile away has been set up as an evacuation center for those forced from their homes. north texas street has also been shut down. the fire needless to say, caed a significant traffic backup along interstate 80. thick, dark shark could be seen for miles as firefighters battle to get the fire under control. fairfield fire crews along with firefighters from solano, contra costa and cal fire are all on the scene. so far there is no word of anyone hurt as a result of the fire. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin has been monitoring weather conditions there. bill, has the wind changed. >> reporter: interestingly enough, we mentioned the winds were about 15 miles an hour. the winds would pick up. in fact, yeah, you're watching tape. this is what it looked like earlier. the winds in the fire area have increased to almost 20 miles an hour. this is what you would expect for this time of night. when the fire st
conference is under way, giving us the latest information on this amber alert case. let's take a listen. >> hannah anderson is okay. we're told she has been brought now and is on her way to the hospital. [ no audio ] >> the press conference now, can't hear the audio at this point from the press conference. we'll get the latest and have it at 10:00. members of a san francisco fbi s.w.a.t. team were among the 250 officers who scoured the idaho wilderness, looking for dimaggio. he is suspected of killing hannah's mother, christina anderson and her 8-year-old brother, ethan. their bodies were found in dimaggio's burning home on sunday. we are expecting to get late details, more from this news conference. we can see it here from idaho. we'll bring it to you at 10:00. >>> now to our continuing coverage of bart labor talks, and while commuters won't have to worry about a monday strike, today, the pressure is on for both sides to make a deal. if an agreement is not made by tomorrow morning, governor brown says he will seek a 60- day cooling off period from a judge at a special court hearing in
bart very much wants the cooling off period, the workers fear they will use the time to train others to run the system, which they say is extremely unsafe. then came the public comment period. >> the average bart worker makes over $76,000. they want $60 million more. ask yourself, where else could that money go? >> the bart workers, the rank and file workers, they have to take a pay cut, because they have to pay for new trains. >> i understand unions. but i think we need to talk compromise here. >> people should get back to the table immediately and get a deal. >> reporter: the sides were so far apart before this seven-day holding period, it is still there would have been a strike. and there still maybe, either sunday or after 60 days of a cooling-off period, should the governor impose one. he has no real power to stop a strike. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we have been streaming today's hearing all day on ktvu.com. you can now go there for any late-breaking information on negotiations and more on what's next. >>> transit riders are relieved. the bus agency and
and choppy bay. jade hernandez joins us live with the condition on the sailors and hue the races will go -- and how the races will go on. >> reporter: we're live at the marina. today, spectators saw the most dramatic action here just a few hours ago. >> as they make the turn, look at the acceleration. >> reporter: some spectators called it scary. you are watching the emirates team. during a sharp turn, two crew members went overboard. both men suffered only bumps and bruises. >> the safety boats had them scooped up within less than a minute. so -- but just -- it gave me a real impression of how dangerous the collision itself was. >> reporter: high, strong winds initially delayed the louie vuitton cup races. as for the italian team's luna rossa, they finished despite boat issues. we spoke to the regatta director who told us today was by no manes the days they've dealt with so far. he did say wind during the day in august, proves to be one of the biggest obstacles of the team. >> the wind is the wind. san francisco, it is what it is. we saw today, you know, some -- some -- it was a handful
. . >>> breaking news coming to us from the south bay, where police right now are investigating a deadly shooting in broad daylight in downtown san jose. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. police say the killing is san jose's 33rd homicide. tonight we are learning the gunman is still on the loose. >> reporter: well, san jose police have been out here for five hours. halfway down the block is a mexican restaurant called tico's tacos. the restaurant has been shut down because the man shot and killed was found nearby. police are still looking for the shooter tonight. police will not comment on camera about the investigation, but they did release a few details. at this point, police say they received a 911 call around 1:00 this afternoon, about shots heard near third and julian street. responding officers discovered a man who had been shot at least once. investigators aren't sure where the exact shooting happened or what spurred it. the spokesman told me this was not a drive-by incident, but he did say that they are investigating whether it was gang-related. we spoke to
is keeping us back a good 150 yards or so and it's down this road, right through the trees where the body of a woman was discovered this afternoon. from news chopper 2, a crime scene down below. tonight, cherry glen road in unincorporated vacaville packed with multiple law enforcement agencies, including oakland police. >> and we can't confirm a body has been located. the body is female. >> reporter: a new search for 50-year-old sandra coke of oakland was up and running this morning at the lake in vallejo. at noon's move east on 80 to vacaville's lagoon valley park, a new command center and a new search, but one that didn't last long. >> contra costa county sheriff's office search-and- rescue team was deployed while still at the vallejo location. there were two or three teams that responded to this area and began a search. shortly after, they began their search, they did, in fact, locate the body of the female. >> reporter: police say coke's former boyfriend and convicted kidnapper and rapist remains in custody on a parole violation and is a person of interest in the sandra coke case. the
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24